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Special Education

Special Education Center

Are you concerned about your studentís ability to make academic progress in one or more subject areas? Is your student present for daily classroom instruction but having difficulty completing in-class or homework assignments? Is he or she frustrated by an inability to grasp concepts that seem to come easily to their classmates?

Students who struggle often do not want to ask for help, and they may resist the offer of help from teachers and parents. They may seem to give up and appear uncaring about a specific subject or school in general. They may deflect attention from learning difficulties by exhibiting inappropriate behaviors. Sometimes a learning or attention problem is the root cause of these actions.

It is never too late to ask for help if you suspect that your student may have an obstacle impeding their pathway to educational success. Please email (dbroadbent@intechchs.org) or call me at the school (435-753-7377 extension 103) to set up an appointment to discuss your concerns.

Child Find

Are you concerned about your student's ability to make academic progress?
Please complete the Referral form below and email (dbroadbent@intechchs.org) or call (435.753.7377 ext. 103) me to set up an appointment to discuss your concerns.

Referral Form

Parent Resources

Understood.org - A great resource for parent of students with differing abilities. See here.
Utah State Board of Education - Special Education - See here.
Carson Smith Scholarship - Information about the CSS for special needs students who wish to attend private schools. See here.
Options for Independence - The mission of OPTIONS for Independence is to provide services to individuals with disabilities to facilitate their full participation in the community and raise the understanding of disability issues and access to the community. See here.

Supports for Students & Families

Vocational Rehabilitation
This agency offers individualized transition activities and services to eligible students with disabilities ages 14-24.

The Student Transition Services link explains about the supports Vocational Rehabilitation offers to students.

The Student Services Video must be viewed prior to making an application for transition services.

The student may complete the Student Services Application before meeting with the agency representative.

Procedural Safeguards