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Guidance Counseling

Counseling Center

Please stop in, email, or call to make an appointment to talk about graduation requirements, college and career choices, or social/emotional issues.
You can reach me easily at eanderson@intechchs.org

Early College Program

ICHS has a partnership with USU where ICHS students can earn high school and college credit by attending USU as a high school student.

  • Junior or Senior at ICHS.
  • Attended ICHS for at least 1 trimester prior to admission at USU.
  • Minimum Index Score of 110 on the Admissions Index Chart.
  • Minimum ACT score of 22.
  • Recommendation from a parent/guardian and ICHS Principal.
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and no ā€œFā€ or ā€œIā€ grades.
Early College Files

College and Career Readiness

ICHS is fortunate enough to have a Flex Period when students can access College and Career Readiness activities. These activities and meetings are designed to help students identify educational and career goals and plan for high school and college. Each year students have the opportunity to participate in a group and individual Plan for College and Career Ready meeting. These meetings are a great time to discuss high school graduation credits, college prep exams, financial aid and other post high school choices.

College and Career Readiness Files

College Information


When: There are many tests offered each year-to sign up go to this link. The September and December test are offered at InTech.
Who: The ACT is for any student that wants to go to college. The ACT is an entrance exam that is required by many four year colleges and universities.
How to Study: It is a timed test. Try to complete practice tests. Try to time yourself!
What to Bring to the ACT: Calculator, Photo ID, Pencils - DO NOT bring a cell phone!
The Residual ACT at USU: Sign up online here. Click on "Choose an Exam", then click ACT R to choose a date and register. The fee is $59. If you have more questions call the USU Testing Center 435-797-1004.

College Information Files

Financial Aid

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is worth your time to complete. The FSA ID is the first step to completing the FAFSA, details can be found in the files section below. You can also find other financial aid resources here.

Financial Aid Files

Student Safety

Mental Health/Counseling

Bear River Clubhouse Mental Health Services - 435-753-9046
Bear River Mental Health - 435-752-0750
NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness) - 435-787-4165
The Family Place - 435-752-8880
BUtah Suicide Prevention Coalition - 1-800-273-8255
UNI Crisis Line - 1-801-587-3000


Download the Safe UT app for free, anonymous and confidential crisis services.

  • Crisis Counseling
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Referral Service
  • Use it on the web, or download the app here.

    Other Resources

    NAMI Utah - NAMI stands for the National Alliance on Mental Illness. It is an informative suicide prevention resource. See here.
    Bear River Health Department - Bear River Health Department is a great local resource to help with crisis response. See here.
    Hope 4 Utah - Hope 4 Utah is a resource for any teen related mental health issues. See here.
    Utah Youth Suicide Prevention Toolkit - Access here.

    Student Safety Files

    Driver's Education