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School Calendar & Bell Schedule

School Calendar

"A" Schedule
"B" Schedule
"7" Schedule
"B" Day Early Out
Special Schedule
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Bell Schedule

The office is open each day from 8 AM to 4PM except for Thursdays when the school closes at 2PM.

A/B Regular Schedule
Period Start Time End Time
1A/1B 8:55a 10:23a
2A/2B 10:27a 11:55a
Lunch 11:55a 12:26p
3A/3B 12:30p 1:58p
4A/Advisory 2:02p 3:30p

88 Minute Classes.

Note: "4B" is a Tuesday only Advisory Period and school is out on Thursdays at 2PM for Faculty Collaboration Time.

7 Period Schedule
Period Start Time End Time
1A 8:55a 9:44a
1B 9:48a 10:37a
2A 10:41a 11:30a
Lunch 11:30a 11:58a
2B 12:02p 12:51p
3A 12:55p 1:44p
3B 1:48p 2:37p
4A 2:41p 3:30p

49 Minute Classes.