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School will be held online through at least May 1st. Please check your school email, Canvas, and the home page for more information.

School Calendar & Bell Schedule

School Calendar

Regular Bell Schedule
Early Out Bell Schedule (No Flex)
Special Bell Schedule
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Bell Schedule

Regular Schedule
Period Start Time End Time
0* 8:00a 8:56a
1 9:00a 9:56a
2 10:00a 10:56a
3 11:00a 11:56a
Lunch 11:56a 12:30p
4 12:30p 1:26p
5 1:30p 2:26p
6** 2:30p 3:25p

*Except for students in 8AM CE Broadcast, school begins at 9:00AM

**Fridays: Early out (2:26p), no Flex
**Every other Thursday: Early Out (2:26p), no Flex