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ACT Information

All 11th grade students in the state of Utah are required to take the ACT exam, which is provided at no cost to students / parents.

As with any state-required assessment, parents may choose to opt their student(s) out of the ACT by completing the form available below.

InTech Collegiate High School does not recommend this option for any student who plans to attend college in the future.

This year the ACT will include the writing portion, and InTech Collegiate High School has opted to participate in the computer-based, rather than the paper-based, assessment. The decision reflects the ability of our students to utilize their computer to complete the writing portion of the test; a modality with which they are familiar. The state does not offer a combination of paper- and computer-based answers, so every student would otherwise be required to hand write the essay portion.

If you have any questions, please contact me by email (dbroadbent@intechchs.org) or phone (435.753.7377 ext. 103)